img21We offer a broad range of available septic and sewer related services, and as many situations are unique, if you do not see your particular need listed here, that does not mean we don’t have the capacity to meet your needs. Just contact us and we will have you speak directly with one of our Sewer and Septic Specialists.

Septic Systems

We can locate and pump your septic tank and perform any of the necessary repairs needed on a septic system. We have a successfully proven method of drain field rejuvenation that we can provide to any customer who has this problem.

Sewer/Grinder Pumps

We service all makes and models of sewer and grinder pumps. We can respond quickly to any emergency you might have and we can help to ensure our customer won’t experience any sewer back ups in their home. Our technicians are fully trained on pumps and control panels and can easily diagnose a wide variety of problems. Our service trucks are stocked with most of the replacement parts.

Drain Cleaning/High Pressure Water Jetting

img11We can clean and unclog all drains from 1ΒΌ inches to 12 inches. We have cable snakes small enough to service bathroom/kitchen sinks, and larger cable snakes big enough to service 3 to 4 inch drains. We have a high pressure water jet trailer unit capable of cleaning all size exterior sewer lines, gutter lines, and floor drains. As part of our drain cleaning service on 3″ and 4″ lines, we use our sewer camera to inspect the line for bellies and breaks.

Sewer/Grinder Pumps

Licensed Septic System Inspections Lake Norman Sewer & Septic has NC licensed septic inspectors. We can inspect most kinds of septic system. Our company can book an inspection typically within 3 days notice. We provide the North Carolina 3 page state report as well as pictures taken at the time of the inspection. The pictures we provide usually show areas which need to be addressed. Our inspection process also includes pumping the septic tank. We offer very competitive pricing on this service.

Other Services We Provide:


  • Pumping
  • Septic system location
  • Riser/Clean-out installation
  • Drain field rejuvenation
  • System installation
  • Excavation service
  • Baffle replacement
  • Septic inspections
  • Leaching line tracing & mapping
  • System repairs
  • Terralift service
  • Bioremed bacteria treatment

Sewer/Grinder Pump Services

  • Annual cleaning & inspections
  • Repair on all makes & models
  • Float replacement
  • Pump replacement
  • Control Panel replacement
  • New Installation of grinder package with pump, control panel, floats and piping.

Drain Cleaning

  • High pressure water jetting of lines
  • Cable snaking all drain sizes
  • Tree root removal
  • Video Sewer Camera

Chemical Sales

  • Bioremed bacteria treatment
  • Rootx-root treatment